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              ASP President's Message



                      Welcome to the American Society of Photographers

                                                "A place where talent and professionalism are alive and well"  ​




I love what I do!  Every day for the last 40+ years, I’ve had the privilege and honor of capturing images for clients to preserve their memories.  Recording the beautiful country around me is a thrill that will never go away. Most importantly, I am extremely blessed to be a part of the ASP family.  

Many years ago when I first joined ASP, I quietly sat on the sidelines and watched as others received their ASP Fellowships and Educational Associates. I watched my peers earn print and service awards. I was like a fence sitter at a rodeo. Everyone else was involved and I just watched. Eventually, I got the courage to meet more of the members and was thrilled to be learning from the best in the industry. I can honestly say that getting involved with ASP was the best thing I ever could have done.  

From working as a volunteer in the ASP booth at IPC, serving as State ASP Elite Chairman and taking the photographs at the annual banquet, I felt part of something much bigger than myself. Serving as President of this esteemed society is an honor that once seemed impossible.

I am asked frequently about ASP and asked, “How will ASP benefit me?” ASP has so much to offer that the answer will be different for everyone. For me personally, taking my work to the next level to achieve the Fellowship and networking with people who have become lifelong friends are not only benefits, but blessings. The ASP Awards Gala is a great way to make new friends and enjoy the camaraderie of new and old friends. 

The  “The Best of the Best” featuring the ASP Loan collection is not only inspiring but a great way to be part of photographic history.  The lighted, etched crystals awarded for the ASP District Medallion as well as the ASP Gold, Silver and Bronze awards is great motivation to continue your journey in print competition. For many competing on the state level and vying for the State ASP Elite award is equally challenging. Participating in our Friends of ASP vendor discount program can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Special projects get our work displayed in places beyond our reach as individuals.  I could go on and on.

One of the greatest reasons to be a member of ASP is to contribute to the growth and welfare of fellow photographers and the industry. Passing on your knowledge and sharing in the joy experienced of those you help is an amazing feeling. 

Ultimately each one of us will find the inspiration to be in ASP. I encourage all to reach out to those who haven’t been members recently and invite them to join.  The buddy membership was established to encourage those who may have failed to engage in the society.  Find a friend and encourage them to rejoin. If that person hasn’t been a member for more than 1 year, they can rejoin as your buddy and you split the renewal fee. 2 for 1. You can’t beat that.  We can only make this or any other organization great by working together. ASP is celebrating its 80th anniversary.

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life” You will find that your ASP friends will contribute greatly to your life.

May you always have:
Troubles that only last a second,
Giggles that last minutes,
Chuckles that last hours, 
 Laughs that last days,
 Smiles that last weeks, 
 Happiness that last months, 
 Friendships that last years,
 But most of all
 love that lasts a lifetime!



Dennis Hammon, President

American Society of Photographers