Ella Carlson, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP., F-ASP, EA-ASP

2022 President

American Society of Photographers

The word Society is defined as “a body of human beings generally associated with or viewed a members of a community.” While I am very proud of all American Society of Photographers has done lately to add value to our members, the bottom line is that we are in this together. The ASP Board of Governors always keeps that in mind whenever we are making decisions. How will this benefit our society? How does the current project aid in our desire to support each other through this amazing journey as professional photographers? 
Everyone was able to witness this first hand as we held our second annual Images of Distinction competition with one full day of critiques. Not only did we pack our four panels with PPA approved jurors, all ASP members were able to hear panel critiques the following day to for more complete feedback on their images as we prepare for the District and IPC competitions. It took over 40 people, working together in concert, to make that happen. That is 40 people who now know each other a bit better, many of whom are enjoying new relationships with their fellow volunteers. That is what we are really all about: providing a network of fellowship that is 85 years strong with history and tradition. As a volunteer on committees, as a participant in the ASP Mentor program, and as a board member, I’ve enjoyed many new friendships which I’m sure I will treasure for the rest of my life while having a chance to do some really incredible, interesting and challenging work. 
This, being the first issue of the ASP magazine of the new year, starts a year-long celebration of ASP. There is no one more worthy and celebrated than the incredible Warren Motts to start this festivities. Reading his biography is truly humbling, and yet he is one of us! He is part of this great society and just as delighted to share his experience and knowledge with ASP members as anyone could be, but his article is just the beginning. In October, there will be a trip to Ohio with a stop at the Motts Military Museum where Warren will give us a full-day, private tour of his museum. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the museum through its founders eyes, and to also network and have a chance to follow Dennis Hammon and other members around as we bookend the Military Museum stop with two photographic tours. Space is limited so if you’re interested, don’t delay in signing up.
If you’re up for more exotic travel, then ASP has a trip to Japan in March of 2023, to be lead by John Powers who lived and worked in Japan for years. There are plans for even more ASP sponsored excursions in the works, too.
As we celebrate 85 years of ASP this year, remember that it’s about our connection to each other as much as advanced degrees, or travel, or education, so volunteer and get involved if you haven’t yet. I hope to see many of you at the 2023 ASP Gala which will be the culmination of the 85th anniversary celebration!


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