President’s Message

Sabina Cavalli, M.Photog., Cr., CPP

2021 President

American Society of Photographers


The best antidote against anxiety and fear is to count one's blessings; and, on the list of mental and spiritual hygiene, we find the following suggestions: learn something new, surround yourself with positive and creative people, and find the opportunities within the obstacles.

As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2021 still waist-deep in pandemic-related challenges, I find myself deeply grateful for ASP. I had the privilege throughout 2020 of witnessing the vision, resilience, creativity and work ethic of a remarkable group of people. The ASP president, the board of governors and each of our committee members plowed ahead, fearlessly, inventing new ways of doing nearly everything, never wavering from the ultimate goal of creating value for our members. 

For example, as a national association, we have always dealt with the challenges of geography to facilitate our members getting together. As our society was forced into socially distancing, a new way of bridging distances was born, and ASP was quick to seize the opportunity and start a new tradition: our weekly Zoom meetings! Thanks to the tireless work of our committee chair and volunteers, despite being physically distanced, we all grew more and more connected.

To respond to the uncertainty of 2020, we kept our eyes fixed on our north: ASP's purpose as inscribed in our Constitution. ASP is a society of photographic artists who aspire to maintain the highest level of excellence by adhering to ethical standards, stimulating creativity and continually refining technical competence.

We knew we could not go wrong if we stayed true to ASP's purposes to further the art and science of the photographic industry, and to stimulate education of photography through artistic excellence and scientific knowledge. 

But the reality is that ASP doesn't exist without its lifeblood: it's members. It is in this light that we must see ASP for what it really is: a group of like-minded people who have stepped up to become volunteers, committee members, committee chairs, board members, and together advanced the society's goals of promoting education with our Zoom meetings, the Advisors program, the Spotlight Speaker Series, ASP Author's Round Table, PPA merited workshops, articles in the ASP Magazine, etc. We are fostering fellowship though the Ambassadors, the State Representatives, the Zoom meetings, and our annual events such as the Shindig and Gala, travel retreats, etc. We are recognizing and honoring the qualitative achievements of our members through the Fellowship and EA degrees, as well as the several awards bestowed annually to our members such as the District medallions and State Elite awards, and most recently, through our brand new Images of Distinction competition.

2021 will not be free of challenges but I am confident that ASP will continue to be a beacon of positivity for all of us members. So what do I see as ASP's secret for a successful 2021? Synergy. What each one of us in this association can achieve together is exponentially more than what we can do on our own. 

We all are ASP. ASP is for all of us. 


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