This exhibition offers a look into what exceptional contemporary photographers are creating and the methods and techniques they employ to achieve the final artwork. It is a thought-provoking body of work with teaching aspects for all levels including on the techniques and exceptional quality of professional photography. Through this exhibit, the viewer’s relationship with and understanding of photography will be enhanced, both as an art and a science. This exhibit will act to lift the photographic industry as a whole.

In the digital era, “The Maker’s Muse” emphasizes that impact goes beyond an immediate reaction to a fleeting image, and, instead is deepened by a reflective process obtained through time spent viewing the printed image. Additionally, with time, consideration can be given to the techniques employed by each individual artist, who all start with the same tool and complete pieces through varying techniques.
Offering up the seed from which so much is grown, the touch of inspiration that spurs thought into action, she is the maker’s muse. In this collection from the American Society of Photographers, photographic artists from all over the United States and beyond let their muses out to frolic. Whether it is a strike of lightning from a looming thunderhead, an alien birth or small birds resting in a tea cup, the elusive muse bestows her gifts differently on each artist and revels in the resulting eclectic mix as displayed in this far reaching collection.

The American Society of Photographers is an international society of professional photographic artists. The Society’s membership includes international speakers, image competition jurors, and art educators. Within the organization are many talented artists, a number of whom have been featured in galleries and museums worldwide. ASP hosted a call for entry among its members, from which these exhibitions were formed to highlight the best of our industry.

Specs & Information

Number of Works

Condition and Installation of Artwork

Organized by: The American Society of Photographers, an international, non-profit, photographic organization. 

Approximate size: The exhibit is approximately 120-150 linear feet.

Participation fee: Most often no cost to the museum or gallery. Commissions are available.

Shipping: ASP makes all arrangements in getting the artwork to the venue; exhibitors most often pay only outgoing shipping costs within the contiguous US

Publication: The ASP exhibit includes a printed booklet. 

Contact: Leslie Kitten at or (806) 239-3227.

Traveling Exhibit Services

Promotional Materials
Promotional Materials will be provided in digital formats created by ASP or in conjunction with your organization. Brief artist biographies accompanied by headshots will be provided in addition to the information needed to label objects. ASP would like to produce a catalog or artist booklet if budget permits. Any size of promotional materials, including postcards, leave behind and artists' plaques can be designed and provided by ASP in a digital format so that it is easy for (museum name) to add logos and texts for specific advertising. 

Label Information
Artist information, object details, and object text will be provided in the requested format for printing by the museum or will be provided printed if required by (museum).

Derivative Works
To be determined

Contributions from Local Artists
ASP has multiple artists residing (location of museum or “across the country”) who are included in the exhibition. Because of the geographic proximity to (location of museum), those who follow their work in your area, and those who follow local art, will attend this exhibit. Support is always greater for local artists.
Having a local artist in the exhibit can also bring other avenues of success and press coverage for the museum. These artists are always willing to give their time to teach and lecture. Incorporating them into the lecture series could bring new memberships and patrons looking for a different line of theory. Teaching techniques, from camera gear, to lighting and computer programs and even speaking on how they gain the capture, will bring a fresh perspective to the application. Local artists will also be able to attend a grand opening for the exhibit and garner a larger crowd.

Condition and Installation of Artwork
All artwork will be delivered ready to hang (D-Rings and wired) 
Maximum framed/overall size of each piece will be no greater than 36x36” 
Materials on which images are printed will vary.
All artwork is for wall installation

Educational Opportunities
ASP would provide a list of artists who will be available for the opening, panel discussions, lectures, or artist talks about the creative process of the artwork or other topics related to the exhibition, geared to all ages. Talks may also be created for audiences of different levels of experience with the subject matter. 
Recordings of the artist speaking about their work is planned for the exhibition portable audio experience.
Each image may be accompanied by a story about the art piece. This may include how and when the vision and image were completed, camera settings and techniques used, as well as the vision and thought process of the artist. Each will be 200 words or less and can be shortened as needed.

Contributions from National Artists
Just as local artists can help with attendance, national and international artists will help with the wide-spread press of the exhibit. ASP will be providing all contributing artists with press releases for print and social media, complete with a link for the museum. Because your link will be found on their numerous websites, the rankings of your internet presence will be heightened. Because our artists are deemed some of “the best of the best” artists, most have followers from all over the world. 
American Society of Photographers is an established organization with a membership of invited artists only. These artists must also be a part of Professional Photographers of America, PPA. PPA members are worldwide, and most are familiar with ASP members as mentors or sources to expand their creativity. This will increase our reach for the exhibit by over 30,000 current members as well as their guests to the exhibit.

Each piece is insured by the maker.

To be arranged. Exhibitors pay minimal fees (most often only outgoing shipping costs). Contact us for more information.

Information for Consideration
Extended artist biographies and CV/resumes will be provided upon request.

Exhibition Materials

For More Information Contact

Leslie Kitten,
3212 Woodrow Road, Lubbock, TX 79423

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