ASP members are a deeply talented and skilled group of individuals. Our society of professional photographic artists and businessmen and women aspire to maintain the highest level of excellence by stimulating creativity and continually refining technical competence. Our goal is to promote education, foster fellowship and perpetuate the ideals of photography as a science and an art. The Mentor Program’s goal is to facilitate both education and fellowship by pairing Mentors and members seeking mentors, aka, Mentees.

The Mentor Program offers mentorships in any area that a member wants assistance. This program succeeds when members volunteer to share their talents, skills, and experience. These can be photographic, post-processing, print competition, photoshop painting, artistic expression, business topics like marketing, sales, social media, financial or anything else you can imagine. You can be both a Mentor and Mentee at the same time. You can also request a mentor for multiple topics.

This program began in 2020 and has had one or two pairings each year. Members volunteering to mentor other members is critical to our success. After an open enrollment period that starts early in the year, the Mentor Program Committee pairs the Mentor and Mentee. In 2020, we held two pairings and mentored 65 members. In 2021, we held one pairing and mentored 54 members. In 2022, we had one pairing and mentored 70 members and for 2023, 67 mentorships were created. 

Mentors agree to provide 3 FREE hours sharing their skills and experience. Each pair decides how this works between them. It can be in-person or virtual. This is a real opportunity to make new friends.

Sign up to be a MENTOR Starting January 15th, 2024 

Enrollment for 2024 MENTEES Starts February 13th, 2024 and ENDS March 26th, 2024

Mentorship Pairings To be Revealed April 23rd, 2024

Mentoring sessions end October 31, 2024

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