Photographic Artistry Award

The American Society of Photographers 

Photographic Artistry Medallion Awards


The ASP Photographic Artistry Award is to recognize and honor the great imagery that ASP members create.

The entrant must be an ASP member for a minimum of three consecutive years to be eligible for this award. Any membership lapse requires restarting the clock on the three-year minimum requirement. 

ASP Photographic Artistry Award Point System

How do you earn points toward the Photographic Artistry Award

To achieve the ASP Photographic Artistry Medallion, members must accumulate a minimum of 30 image points from image competition. A minimum of 16 of those points must be earned through participation in the Images of Distinction competition. The Artistry Award Committee will collect and enter the points earned each year beginning with IOD in 2021. An Artistry Award tab will be added to the ASP Member Profile showing a "dashboard" of points earned and needed to receive the Medallion and Bars.

Scoring from Images of Distinction

An ASP member’s four top-scoring, merit-level or above entries in each IOD image competition year will be counted towards earning points.

  • 100 score = 3 points 
  • 90-99 = 2 points
  •  80-89 = 1 point. 

Scoring for PPA and State Affiliate Competitions

ASP members may also earn points through entering their State Affiliate Competition, PPA’s District Competition, and IPC.

The entrant will earn the point value of their highest achievement. (Tiered point system)

  • PPA Imaging Excellence Award  = 1 point total (regardless of how many IE images achieved)
  • State Elite Award = 2 points
  • District Award = 3 points
  • Grand Imaging Award (Overall Winner) = 6 points
  • ASP Medallion Awards, bronze, silver and gold = 4, 5 and 6 points

It is possible to earn up to 6 points total per year, outside of IOD. Only points earned while a member of ASP will be used toward earning this award.

Bar Titles and Designations

After receiving the initial medallion, bars will be awarded. Each bar is achieved by earning an additional 30 points for each level. A minimum of 16 points must be from the IOD competition for each bar.

  • ASP Distinguished Photographer, Photographic Artistry Medallion = 30 points
  • Photographic Artistry bar, with Emerald  = +30 points
  • Photographic Artistry bar, with Ruby = +60 points
  • Photographic Artistry bar, with Sapphire = +90 points

Points earned in IOD and PPA affiliate, district, and IPC competitions in 2021 and subsequent years count toward earning this medallion and subsequent Photographic Artistry award levels.

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