Advisor Testimonials

The main reason I belong to ASP is to mix with its artists.  How I loved to attend the ASP galas!  Now my husband is too old for me to go to Imaging.  My PPA group, Southern Tier NYSPPA, closed down several years ago.  Isolation began to bother me.  And then came the mentoring program!

Jeff Johnson, my mentor, did a fantastic job.  He invited me to his webinars, which were a pleasure to attend.  His ideas for my competition images were fresh and changed my thinking in several ways.  Jeff did not comment initially on my fourth image, a street portrait, but when the editing was done he was complimentary indeed.  No wonder, the editing smacked of Jeff Johnson’s teaching right through.  In his B&W webinar he “lit” a sand-dune.  On the same principles, I lit an urban scene.   Thank you ASP for the privilege of  getting to know Jeff Johnson better.

Nancy Basmann
M.Photog., CPP

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