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Name: Timothy Mathiesen
Credentials: M.Photog., Cr., A-ASP, F-ASP, EA-ASP
Studio Name: Panoscenes
Address: 28702 Charreadas
City/State/Zip: Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
State Eligibilty: CA
Phone: 949-201-6652
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I have been in photography for over 50 years, beginning in high school as the photographer for the school paper and yearbook. I attended Brooks Insititute of Photography and after graduation I went to work for Martin Marietta Aerospace as a Photographic Optical Engineer on NASA's Apollo and Skylab programs.  I was part of the team that designed the photographic system for the Earth Resources Optical array on Skylab.  After Skylab, I was part of the team that designed the digital image capture system for the first Mars lander Viking.  After leaving the space program, I worked for Fuji Film for 20 years.  During my time with Fuji, I was part of the team that introduced Fuji professional film to the US market.  I have worked for Eastman Kodak and Epson and now I am semi-retired, but I have still am active as a "hired gun".  I work with several photographers doing everything from events to architecture.

I am a past president of ASP, Professional Photographers of California, Professional Photographers of Orange County (CA), School Photographers of California and the Industrial Photographers of Colorado.  I am been active in all levels of photographic associations since 1967.  Since I am semi-retired, I am able to choose the work that I like and travel, with my wife, to all points in the world.  I truely enjoy photography not just a source of income, but chance to relax and explore.

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